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Better-Bottle home winemaking carboys
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Better-Bottle PET carboys Better-Bottle PET fermenter Better-Bottle home brewing carboys
11.4 L (3 Gal US) 18.9 L (5 Gal US) 22.7 L (6 Gal US)

BetterBottle® carboys are better.

BetterBottle carboys are: 1) Designed to be strong, scuff resistant, easy to handle, and essentially unbreakable, 2) Pure – Taste- and odor-free, BPA-free, DEHP-free, plasticizer-free, 3) Virtually impermeable to oxygen, 4) Extraordinarily easy to wash and sanitize (no brushes necessary), and 5) Clear and colorless. BetterBottle carboys are not at all like other plastic carboys (Use the
FAQ tab to access the BB vs. Plastic discussion for additional information). The special PET, used to make BetterBottle carboys, is non-absorbing, non-porous, and non-wetting (hydrophobic), so it will not carry over flavors from one batch of wine or beer to the next and it is easier to clean and sanitize than glass or other plastics. BetterBottle carboys are ideal for home winemaking and home brewing.
And there is more.

Better-Bottle Simpleflo Valve Better-Bottle PET fermenters Better-Bottle DryTrap
SimpleFlo™ Valve
Racking Adapter
Handles & Funnel O-Ring Closure, Fittings

BetterBottle® SimpleFlo™ valves, combined with BetterBottle Racking Adapters eliminate the need for siphons and make oxygen-free racking and bottle filling as simple as opening the SimpleFlo™ valve. Handles can be safely attached to the strong, precision-molded necks of BetterBottle carboys and a funnel makes filling easy. The consistency of necks means that rubber stoppers fit better and it is also possible to offer tough, PET closures that have reliable, Teflon-encapsulated, O-ring seals. These closures are more easily cleaned and sanitized than rubber stoppers and will not impart, or carry over, flavors. The low-profile, BetterBottle DryTrap air lock does not use liquid and fits the O-ring Closure, as well as drilled rubber stoppers. It is simple to sanitize and it will not dry out, blow out, or suck back.

Ask your local dealer about BetterBottle products.

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