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These technical pages are intended for every user of BetterBottle fermentation products, not just technical types. Use the tabs at the left of this screen to access specific sections. For information regarding dimensions, installation, operation etc. of specific BetterBottle components, use the Product Information Tab at the top of this screen.

– Purity/Safety –
The Purity/Safety section exposes the urban myths claiming that PET contains toxins, is unsafe for re-use, and a major source of air pollution – utter nonsense. BetterBottle PET is exceptionally pure and stable, and it does not contain Bisphenol A or other problem additives.

– Durability –

BetterBottle carboys may not be indestructible, but they are certainly unbreakable. The Durability section describes tests that BetterBottle performs to in order to evaluate the design of the carboys.
– Permeability –
Questions relating to oxygen permeability are answered in the Permeability section.
– Flavor Scalping –

The Flavor Scalping section should be of interest to every winemaker and brewer. BetterBottle PET does not release off flavors or transfer flavors from one batch to another; however, these are major problems with virtually every other type of plastic used to make reasonably priced carboys. It is also an issue with the soft plastics and rubbers used to make most closures and tubing. For instance, silicone rubber is porous to oxygen and takes up and transfers flavors like a sponge. Vinyl plastics also pick up and transfer flavors and contribute plasticizers that give a plastic taste and odor.

– Wash/Sanitize –
If Done Right

BetterBottle carboys and fittings are extremely easy to wash and sanitize; however, doing it right is the secret to success. The Wash/Santize section provides tips on technique and recommendations for effective detergents and sanitizing agents. It is easy enough to tell if a detergent is working effectively, but sanitizing agents are another matter. Beware of miracle compounds that are not clearly specified as sanitizing agents.

– Material Specs –
Suggested Uses


The Material Specs section provides discussion of suggested uses for BetterBottle carboys and fittings as well as uses that are not approved and that could damage the carboys and fittings. The section also includes a table listing the FDA/NSF ratings and suggested working and washing temperature ranges for the materials used to make the carboys and fittings.
– Units of Measure –
Helpful Conversions

This Units of Measure section includes tables of commonly used values for volume, weight, and pressure. There are Internet hyper links to sites that will calculate conversions for essentially every class of units.