Upgrades & Repair Kits


BetterBottle is always striving to make its products better and, when practical, upgrade programs are offered to help you take advantage of significant improvements. Repair kits for BetterBottle components are available through a simple program designed to minimize inconvenience.

Repair Kits
BetterBottle PET closures, adapters, SimpleFlo valve, and Dry-Trap are expected to last for many years in typical use; however, O-rings may wear and small parts may be lost. The repair kit program is designed to make it convenient for you to maintain your BetterBottle fittings.

How to Order –

You will find a description of the repair kits and their part numbers associated with each type of fitting. First, contact your dealer. If your dealer does not have the kit(s) you need, send our Service Department an E-mail with your full name and address and the name(s) of the dealers you tried. We will help you to get what you need in a timely fashion.

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