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BetterBottle PET is among the safest plastics in the world -

These days, everyone understands that virgin polyethylene terephthalate (PET- recycle "1") plastic is among the safest plastics from which to make food and beveage containers, despite continuing disinformation campaigns of one sort or another. For details, please refer to the PET Purity News section to the left of this screen.

New BetterBottle products and research -

Oxygen Research - Do you know that most air locks are not very air-tight and that some types of closures and bungs permit subsantial amounts of oxygen to pass? Does is matter? BetterBottle has utilized exciting new technology to shed light on the situation and has published an article discussing the implications. For details, please refer to the What's New (Exciting Research) section to the left of this screen.

Washing/Sanitizing Research -  Judging from the communications that BetterBottle has received from home winemakers and brewers, there has been a serious need for more concise information dealing with the methods and materials used for washing and sanitizing winemaking and brewing equipment. People have been seriously injured and equipment has been damaged. In response, BetterBottle compiled materials compatibility data for a wide variety of washing and santizing agents and developed recomendations for their use. In the process, BetterBottle discovered that at least one enzyme-enhanced, pH neutral, environementally green detergent was a very effective washing agent for many types of winemaking and brewing equipment. For details, please refer to the What's New (Exciting Research) section to the left of this screen.

New Products - BetterBottle is always studying ways to make home winemaking and brewing more enjoyable. New items and information are always being added to this Web site. For details, please refer to the What's New (New Products) section to the left of this screen.

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