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New at the Web Site

The Better-Bottle Web site is the place to learn about new Better-Bottle products and their use, and we do our very best to make it informative and easy to navigate. If you do not have a computer or your access to the Internet is too slow to make browsing convenient, remember that virtually every public library offers fast Internet access and the librarians are usually eager to be helpful.

Our editors are constantly making changes to the Web site. So, even if you have been a relatively frequent visitor, take a few minutes to check things out. The sections under the Technical tab provide all sorts of important information and they undergo some of the most frequent updates.  Did you know, we have a link to powerful Internet tools for converting units of measure, as well as general information about Units of Measure  under the Technical tab? And the How-To Tips section under the Products tab has been further updated with helpful new information.

Exciting New Research

WASHING AND SANITIZING - BetterBottle has recently completed a comprehensive article dealing with the washing and sanitizing of home winemaking and brewing equipment. The article includes: 1) Extensive tables showing the resistance of materials to washing and sanitizing chemicals as well as the chemical composition of commercial products; 2) A description of very successful tests involving equipment-friendly, readily available, enzyme-enhanced detergents; and 3) Detailed suggestions for washing BetterBottle carboys. Click HERE to download the PDF file of Washing and Sanitizing Home Winemaking and Brewing Equipment (17 pages 5Mb). Taking a little time to read this article will likely save you considerble time, effort, and expense.

BREAKTHROUGH OXYGEN PERMABILITY TECHNOLOGY - With exciting new instrumentation, it is possible to measure oxygen concentrations from 0.001% to 25% in closed spaces, quickly and easily.





Closures and Air Locks

BetterBottle technicians used this technology to determine how permeable or leaky a wide variety of closures and air locks are. Many, perhaps even most, home winemakers and brewers have been fermenting and aging under conditions involving considerably more oxygen than they ever imagined.

Click HERE to open the PDF file of the article, Measurement of Oxygen Transfer Rates for Carboy Closures and Air Locks (11 pages 1.5Mb).



BetterBottle carboys have been successfully used to ferment and bulk age excellent wines and beers ever since the carboys were first introduced in the Spring of 2003. Now, using the new oxygen monitoring technologies and equipment developed by BetterBottle technicians, it is possible to confirm the extraordinarily low permeability of BetterBottle carboys by direct measurement.

Click HERE to open the PDF file of the article,  Oxygen Permeation Rates of BetterBottle Carboys - Direct Measurement - (1.3Mb PDF). The article was updated in May of 2013.


New Products



Judging from the comments we received, cleaning and sanitizing hoses has been one of the messier and more annoying aspects to winemaking and brewing - coiling hoses into pails and weighing them down to keep them submerged. And then, there is the problem that many types of hoses are loaded with soluble plasticizers and scalp odors and flavors.

Try the new, PET-lined tubing that we have added to the Better-Bottle system. The PET liner is pure; washes, sanitizes, and rinses in a flash; and does not pick up odors or flavors. You will find the details under the Products tab.